A2Zapps lets companies choose their choice of CRM/ERP apps and help employees to connect with each other real-time through built in social network and file drive.

    • No Server. No Software. No Maintenance.
  • We're For All Sizes.

    A2Zapps's service plans are designed to fit your business today and grow with it tomorrow.

  • The World Is Your Workplace.

    Do business everywhere and experience a new level of productivity. Elevate your business with the ability to create, edit, and share business records, files with teams, clients and partners.

    • Go mobile.
    • Go social.
    • Go green.
  • Change Is Constant.
    So Your Apps.
    Get Instantly.

    Change your needs as you grow. App Builder lets companies to change existing apps instantly or add new apps easily in few days.

    • Easy to use REST API.
    • Device-neutral HTML5 component library.
  • Making Your Business Successful Is Our Only Mantra.

    Call us any time to know how we can help you in solving your business challenges. Make us a part of your organization, we'll show you how a true Public Cloud can change your organization step by step

    • The most affordable and innovative Work Cloud Platform.


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Deploy any solution stack

Not every solution needs the same set of applications. A2Zapps lets you mix and match ready-made apps available in apps store as you see fit and also allow you to build need based custom app in few hours or days. Whether you need ready-made CRM or custom, billing or HR, you’re free to pick the best apps for the job. And the best part of this solution is that all apps are integrated.

Build collaborative workplace

Use Chitchat- an enterprise social network, File Manager- a cloud drive for all your files/folders and other social collaboration apps to build best possible collaboration environment that allows employees to connect with their co-workers, customers and partners for instant feedback and collaborate on any relevant data and files real-time.

Focus on what matters

Don’t waste your time with servers or dealing with multiple application vendors. Simply choose your set of applications, A2Zapps will enable the same for you instantly. We take care of server infrastructure, configuration, monitoring, scaling, upgrades and more.

All in one windows-like desktop

What if you could move from one screen to another without loosing data? What if you could work on multiple screens at the same time? A2Zapps’s work desktop which is fully online and looks like Windows desktop allows you to work on multiple screens. This desktop is also supported by all latest web browsers or tablets supporting HTML5.

The most affordable cloud platform

Don’t waste your money if you can achieve the same or more at 1/4th cost of what you pay for Salesforce/ We do not charge additional subscription fee for apps available in our Apps Store.

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